My brother’s voice reaches Shirdi

As the title suggests, this post is not written by me nor does it contain lyrics of any bhajan or downlink link. Instead my sister Hetal (who is co-author of this blog) would like to share an unforgettable incident experienced by her few days back and it only shows Shirdi Sai Baba’s grace on us…. Rana Gill

“In an earlier post, Rana bhaiya had disclosed some facts how the blog work is going on. In this post I will be sharing an incident totally blessed by Baba when I was in Shirdi. Although I maintain other blog where experiences of devotees are posted, I decided to place this post in our blog only, as it includes, Shirdi Sai Baba, Rana bhaiya and me. I think this place to be the most appropriate and with the wish of Baba and bhaiya’s permission I proceed.

Like last year, this year too I went to Shirdi to celebrate Diwali with my family and cousin. I really love to listen to bhaiya’s bhajans. I have them © SAI TERE HAZAARON NAAMeverywhere in my mobile, home pc and office pc. In an earlier post it was mentioned how Baba played bhaiya’s cd the first time in His court. I also wished to listen to him at the same place. Though it seemed impossible, I took few cds with me. If we have full faith in Baba, He fulfills our wish. And this was proved. On Diwali day (October 28, 2008) we all were
near Nandeep lighting lamps and drawing rangoli. Suddenly my father thought of going to music room to request to play bhaiya’s cd. So myself, my cousin deepak, my father and a family friend of ours proceeded.

The music room is on first floor of Samadhi Mandir. As soon as we stepped in, the concerned official welcomed us with a ‘smile’. He immediately offered us chairs to make ourselves comfortable. My father gave a small introduction of Rana bhaiya and handed over the cd. He took the cd in his hand and looked at it by turning it around. He asked, The album contains only bhajans or anything else? Is there any dhun? Does it have any Sathya Sai Baba bhajans? We answered him and he was satisfied. He then asked his assistant to play the cd. His assistant questioned him back that should he play inside or should the bhajans be heard to everyone outside also. I thought he will first listen himself and then allow to play outside. I had my fingers crossed. But to my surprise, he said Let it be heard outside. I said seventh track is the best and as it is the most favourite of mine, I wished to listen it in our beloved Baba’s home. So he asked to play that particular track. The assistant called my cousin inside sound proof glass cabin to cross check. But as the remote of that particular player was misplace© SAI TERE HAZAARON NAAMd first track started playing, which we did not realise. Still the search was on. At last he found the remote, but there were no cells. So I requested to play whatever is possible. After few minutes they started forwarding and came to the last track i.e. eighth one Tera Naam Hi Simroon Sai which is the most favourite of bhaiya.

Just then the family friend of ours whom is call uncle knocked at the glass cabin and called me outside with gesture. He took me to the small gallery parallel to the music room. He said the bhajan is being heard outside. I was so thrilled and excited with tears in my eyes. I could see so many people around and my loving brother’s voice was being heard everywhere. This was not enough. My cousin, then again took me to the glass cabin. He showed me Tata Sky live darshan. The assistant told me that bhaiya could be heard in Tata Sky and Live Darshan telecasted by Sansthan. I was excited to such an extent that I cant explain in words. The feelings which arouse for Baba were inexplainable and unforgotable.

My father wanted me to introduce to that official and wanted to tell him how we are doing Sai Seva through blogs. So he called me. When I reached near him I heard him saying that you all came at perfect time. The playing of bhajans will be stopped in next four minutes as they had to start some special performances for Diwali. My father had sent my cousin to take two more cds to give to that official. When I heard that only few minutes are left, I informed my father that I am going to call bhaiya to inform him. He said that I can go later. But I went on as I wanted that bhaiya could listen himself in Shirdi. My cousin accompanied me. When we reached downstairs, my mother and brother were waiting for us. I informed mummy too and requested her to wait for me as I did not have much time left. Seeing my excitment she asked my brother also to accompany me. Thus three of us came out of Samadhi Mandir and started searching for a telephone booth near Dwarkamai. There was none. At last I could find one. I said in Marathi that I want to connect an ISD call. He said there was no ISD connection. I became angry and said to the shopkeeper then why have you put the hoarding of ISD call, remove it. I dont ususally talk rudely to anyone, but that day I dont know what had happened to me.

We went on other side where there was no concrete road. Since we directly rushed from Samadhi Mandir we were bare footed, the small stones on that road hurt our legs. Because of that my brothers slowed down. But I was just concentrated to find atleast one telephone booth. After a search of two more minutes I saw a telephone booth. My brother requested me not to go as there were few boys who were lighting crackers and I had to pass that lane. I did not pay attention to him and ran towards that booth. I just said ISD call, the person said yes. Ah! I took a breath of relief. At last I reached but in all this I forgot that we had reached far away from Samadhi Mandir and bhaiya’s voice was not heard. Even due to crackers sound it was not heard. This I realised when I connected him and ring was heard from the other side.

Bhaiya received the call and directly said ‘Sai Ramji’ as if he knew I was to call him. Bhaiya says, “I was on work at that time. But my heart and soul were in Shirdi. I was listening to Sai Satcharitra in Hindi sent to me by Hetal. I was free for sometime so I thought I can rest. But then I thought I must meditate on Shirdi Sai Baba and so I folded my legs and sat. The cd cover with Shirdi Sai Baba’s picture was present in front of me. I said to Shirdi Sai Baba that even if You havent called me to Shirdi, I can be there mentally. And in few seconds my mobile rang. I saw the number. Lo! The call was of Hetal from Shirdi. Really Shirdi Sai Baba took me to Shirdi in few seconds only and showered His blessings.”

I told bhaiya excitingly and he was happy too. At the same time Bhabhi called Bhaiya. So he started call conference and in this way I shared the good news to both of them. Really Baba blessed the couple unexpectedly while being so far across seven seas. But my heart felt sorry that I could not make them listen bhaiya’s voice which was present all over in Shirdi. After I ended the call I did not see my cousin with my brother who was standing outside. That time I felt as if I regained my senses and became normal. He said as there were many stones on the way he had no strength to come. I said its ok and left the place. My cousin was very surprised and said, Didi how could you run on such a road. The small stones were hurting like needles and still you were just going on. I had no words to say as I did not feel anything hurting me!!! I just looked at him and asked him to return. I realized that Baba was the only one who made me senseless and made me reach to the telephone booth. At the time my heart only felt ‘Sai Teri Leela Kabhi Samaj Na Pau Main, Tere Charno Mein Sada Shish Jukau Main…’

While we were running here and there to call bhaiya, the official promised my father to play bhaiya’s cd the next day as he could not play that day. We were not at all expecting it to be played again but Baba did so. All the eight tracks were played the next day in the afternoon. We all sat in Samadhi Mandir premises and listened them to our heart’s content. I had no words to thank Baba.

Although in the whole incident Baba made me the medium, He showered His chosiest blessings on my brother and accepted his love. This made me more than happy. I consider this trip to Shirdi as the most unforgettable one as whatever I wished few hours before got fulfilled. You will all think that I had been through all this because of my love towards Rana bhaiya, but I know it wasnt me, it was only Baba who did all this keeping me in between. Right from the first day we became familiar every small step of ours towards his album and blog has proved to be a big one later. Of course this blog of ours is the result of hard work and dedication to Baba, but Baba wishes and blessings are present. It has never happened that our opinions did not match or we did not agree with each other on any point. His wish is my willingness and my wish is his willingness. Now you can only think how two persons minds think alike unless the grace of Supreme power. There are many such incidents, which if Baba wishes, will be posted on this blog. Many of them are unbelievable and inexplainable but they are the realities of lives of both of us. I really feel proud that Baba chose me to work for such a simple hearted and innocent person. I pray to Baba to give me strength and resources to work for him in the best possible way.”

I would also like to share few facts which came to my mind after hearing what Hetal had gone through in Shirdi. Of course this shows her love for me. But I totally agree with her that whatever happened was Shirdi Sai Baba’jis wish. I feel that such things are very surprising in this Kaliyug to others. People cannot totally trust their own blood relations, then what’s the question of those untied relations? It, sometimes, seem strange to me that how Shirdi Sai Baba has tied us together being far away across seven seas. We havent meet each other any day, havent seen each other properly, still there is so much love between us!!! This relation has been created and gifted to both of us by Shirdi Sai Baba in true sense. This very blog is the greatest proof. We are not working as a team here, we work as if one and the same person is doing these things. I call it as “Baba Milaai Jodi”. This incident also contains another deep message. Although this world is full of falsity, artificial feelings, misunderstandings, still if we trust anybody with our true heart, we are sure to sail through it. That relation become the most valuable and respectable in the eyes of our Beloved Shirdi Sai Baba and then He also contributes to it by showering His blessings and grace like in our case!!! … Jai Sai Ram by loving brother and sister… Saiji Ki Leela Kabhi Samaj Na Paaye Hum, Unke Charno Mein Sada Shish Jukae Hum…



  1. Sairam Hetal,
    Before starting to Shirdi itself I know how much you prayed that Ranaji’s songs are to be played in Shirdi. I’m so happy to read the leela.Both of you are blessed by Baba.Ranaji has a pleasant and dedicated voice.
    Mrs.Sasikala Ravivenkatesan

  2. Sairam Rana Bhaiya and dear Hetal sis,
    In Shirdi at present time when crowd is so huge,it is really tough to get anything done,and Baba’s grace has been on both of you to get all your heart desired wishes fulfilled.His vigilant eye and loving heart accepted your prayer and desire to hear Rana bhaiya’s bhajan in HIS darbar.I was really touched when I read how you ran in flow of your emotion of happiness without any discomfort on rough lane having felt the prayer accepted by Baba ,really touching !!.Nothing can move without HIS WILL .And it clearly shows how both of you were blessed .”Jaisa Bhav taisa Anubhav”.Really touched to read this exp.Sai bless your efforts always.
    Your sai sis

  3. Hi Hetal,

    As I read about your experience with Sai Baba , I am interested to know, how to get a CD of Satcharitra (gujarati or hindi with Gujarati preferred). I am from Vadodara, but in US for long time. My email is

    Please respond on my email. Thank you,

    Sai Devotee

  4. om sai ram, kindly let me know whether this gujarati poetry version is available in mumbai or only at shirdi..

    om sai ram,


    Sai Satcharitra in poetry form (apart from the one in Gujarati which is published by Shirdi Sai Sansthan) has been published in Gujarati with 212 verses by Sai Devotee Mrudula Desai of Ahmedabad.

  5. Sai Ramji Sai Devotee,
    Reply sent to your mail id. Thanks for visiting.
    May Baba Bless us all
    Jai Sai Ramji

  6. Sai Ramji Vikramji,
    The poetry version of gujarati Sai Satcharitra is available in Baroda and probably in Ahmedabad too. But not aware of its availability in Shirdi and Mumbai. Sai Satcharitra in poetry form is available on my other blog, please follow the link (if the link does not work directly from here, please copy the link and paste it in address bar)
    May Baba Bless us all
    Jai Sai Ramji

  7. Hello..I am not much of a religious person. However recently, I want to Sai temple in US- Atlanta, and seems like all do now is listen to Sai Bhajans and read-up on shree Sai. I would greatly appreciate if someone can guide me in to a directio where I can get more informaion on Shree Sai and great Bhajans (album names)… I also would like to understand more about Shree Sai’s teachings…Sai Ram…HP

  8. Sai Ramji,
    To understand about Sai Babaji’s teachings u can visit these blogs, and and to download Sai Babaji bhajans please visit

    Please Note : If the links do not work from here directly copy paste them in address bar.

    Please visit this blog for regular updates.

    May Babaji bless us all

    Jai Sai Ramji

  9. Hello Hetal ji, I have tears reading your post and witnessing sweet love between brother and sister.Me and my brother (my only brother!) are well connected like you two! I really believe that as a blessings from BABA!
    As you said about being a medium, I also had felt the same at certain occasions.
    My grand daughter is 18 months old and her parents believe in letting her play by herself by not being over protective. My husband and myself feel little uncomfortable though!
    Last week my son decided to move to apartment from a house of 3 bedroom.
    Almost all belongings were moved, and final clean up was going on. Out of 10 turns my daughter in law went for such a cleaning task this was the only one where I was there with her. She would not let me know when she is going there so even if I wanted help her, I could not!
    I don't know what might have happened if I were not there at that moment! In the garage, the insect killer can with a sprayer was on the floor. I was placing the remaining boxes and loose stuff in the car and the baby was following me wherever I go.
    Suddenly I saw her dabbing her little palms in the liquid drained from that sprayer and was about to rub those tiny palms on her head as if her mother puts oil in her hair!
    At that very moment I saw at her and leaving whatever I had in my hand, reached to her and got her hands washed with soap.
    I was shivering with the after thought of what might have been the scenario if that toxic thing had gone to her eyes or in her mouth!
    BABA made ME the medium to save her. I am thankful to BABA.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  10. @Meera ji,

    Sai Ramji,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. You have truely said that Sai Babaji has made you a medium just like me!!!

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

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