A New Year Eve with Shirdi Sai Babaji

Firstly I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to the readers who had sent their comments and views (personally and through blog comments) on the previous post.

Coming to this post, I am really excited to share few moments which Babaji made them special on this New Year Eve and download links of bhajans of my first live performance at Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir, Edmonton.

At first I received mail from Prabhat Chaturvedi ji, President of Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir, Edmonton to perform on New Year’s Eve. I read the mail but did not give response as I had planned something else for this New Year and thus I was reluctant to go. Moreover my Sai group members also were not ready that I leave them and sing Bhajans at some other place. They all said that what will they do if I go to Edmonton.. Then I got call from Prabhatji after two days and he requested me to be present with them. On repeated requests and calls, my heart felt that I must go there. I thought that I had to perform for my Babaji only, whether it was in Vancouver or Edmonton. Also my group members agreed that I must go. Everything got settled as per Babaji’s wish. Before few days of New Year I had bad throat but I was sure that Babaji will take care of that too and yes, He did.

It was great being there. I found the audience very co-operating and more they all enjoyed listening me. In between I shared few of my experiences and so I am not quoting them here. They are included in download links.

Sai Devotees gave much respect to me and my fellow friends who were with me to accompany Babaji bhajans with enchanting tabla beats by Gopal Krishnanji and melodious hormonium notes by Sarbjit Malpuriji. Harishji from Edmonton made all sound system arrangements and to the surprise of three of us he played Chango with us the whole night, even though we were not familiar to him. Babaji’s love and devotion makes such unknown relations known to us. I mentally thanked Babaji for giving me such respectable position among His devotees. But one thing really touched me that they gave me the honour of launching the website of Shri Sai Baba Mandir, Edmonton. You can also visit this site by clicking on the link http://www.shirdisaibabaedmonton.com/.

There are few newly composed but incomplete bhajans apart from the recorded bhajans, which I sang during this performance. They will be completed when Babaji wishes and I will be releasing another bhajan CD containing those bhajans. As such I sing them in Sai Temple in Surrey, I included them in this performance too and in turn sharing with you all. I also sang few Mataji Bhajans which generally sing. Also there are few bhajans in my mother tongue Punjabi too, I hope you will like it. The bhajans are also being played on Shirdi Sai Baba Radio Blog maintained by Sai Devotee Deepaji and Sai Bhakti Radio, a well designed website by Sai Devotee Jay Panditji. Devotees who do not wish to download can listen them online too. I have attached few photographs related to this live performance with this post…Jai Sai Ramji — Sai Lover Rana Gill

Download Links:
01_sai….kina sona tera bhavan sajaya…1.mp3
02sai….der der main to bhatak…..mp3
03shirdi sai.babaji…aarti.mp3
04aarti..om jai jagdish hre….mp3
05sai…tere hazaaroon naam koi ……..mp3
06sai….teri leela kabi samaj na…….mp3
07sai…naam ke heere..moti…….mp3
08sai ..ne jahan..jahan.bi jot jlai hai…..mp3
09sai….nath tere hazaaroon haath…mp3
11sai..jis haal mein rakhe sai….mp3
12sai…nameskar sai salame khudaya…..mp3
13sai…tera naam hi simroon sai…..mp3
14sai…bhajan se uthkar jo ghar jaker sote hain….mp3
15sai…..tere darshan ko terse nenaa…..and story about this bhajan…mp3
16sai ..new bhajan..uncomplete.mp3
17.sai…dam dam dam dam damroo baje….mp3
18sai..muaaf karna gunaah mere…mp3
19sai..kan kan main samaye shirdi ke sai…mp3
20sai…sabse nirale sai jag rakhwale sai.mp3
21saryan to wadi maa sheraan wali maa….mp3
23 jag ka rishta.mp3
24 diraj rakh vo rehmat ki.mp3
25 miya ji de darshan paye…..mp3
26 khedne nu aapne…..mp3
27 uchyaan phadaan vich ren waliye maa……mp3
28 kan kan vich meri miyya ji da vaas ea…..mp3
29 jai ambe maa….mp3
30 main to gaoon gun miyya tere pyar ke…..mp3



  1. Sairam Rana ji,
    MAY THE BLESSINGS OF BABA BE SHOWERED ON YOU ALWAYS. Listened to the WONDERFUL Bhajans sung by you. BABA will bless you for the GREAT WORK you do. Rgds. Dinesh Keswani. Dubai

  2. Jai Sai Ram ji,
    Sai brother Rananji ,
    From the bottom of my heart I would like to say many thanks to you for giving us such a soul touching songs. Now I understand why Hetal ji always praise you. Your Innocence and closeness towards Sai babaji reflect in your songs and I like very much your face to face experience with our beloved Si Babaji. May babaji bless you always in same way.

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