Jagat Vidhata Ho Shirdi Ke Sai Video

Happy Ramnavami to all Sai Readers,

On this auspicious occassion, today I am posting video of second track of SAI TERE HAZAARON NAAM. This bhajan was chosen for special post of Ramnavami by Sai Baba ji only. Baba ji can be called an as incarnation of Lord Shri Ram Chandra. I would like to write something to our loving Baba ji in this post.

“Babaji, many other Gods, Goddesses, Saints, Spiritual Gurus came and lived before You. The way of working for the welfare of mankind was somewhat similar with all of Them. But You are different and unique when compared. The most important difference which I feel is that we have read about all those earlier Gods in spiritual and holy books only. But Babaji there are many devotees who have seen You and lived with You. Most of Your devotees do not love You because they believe You, but they believe You because they love You. I am also among them. You are that Loving God Who act per You devotees’ wishes and will. The album SAI TERE HAZAARON NAAM and this blog is its greatest proof.

Babaji You have always laid stress on that Malik and never said that You are God. But Babaji, You are our all in one God. Whenever I have cried for warmth of Your love, I found You coming towards me as my loving Mother.

Thus I consider You as Jagat Vidhata – God of the whole world.

Last but not the least, this video has been beautifully created and mixed by Sai Devotee SaiVishnu ji. I thank him from my side and on behalf of blog readers for his dedicated and selfless contribution for our efforts in this album… Jai Sai Ramji — Rana Gill

Download Mp3 of Jagat Vidhata Ho Shirdi Ke Sai


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