Jisko Bhi Sai Apni Shirdi Mein Bulaaye, Wo Saiji Ke Darshan Paaye

Jisko Bhi Sai Apni Shirdi Mein Bulaaye, Wo Saiji Ke Darshan Paaye
It is never known how Sai Babaji comes to us. Even if our longing to see Him or meet Him face to face is at highest level, we always fail to recognise Him. When the same is realised we are dumb founded and repent later. Still it gives us inner happiness, rather our soul is appeased to meet heavenly being in human form.

Dear Sai Readers, I have been sharing my experiences and dreams with you apart from bhajans. Though this blog is named after my first album name, i consider it more of my personal online diary to describe and share my acquintances with my Babaji. The experience which i am going to share is not new to readers of Hetal’s blog as it has already been posted on her blog long ago. I am repeating it here for unique readers of my blog. It was drafted and posted by Hetal and here it is now shared directly as it happened to me.

In one of my bhajans i had written “Jisko Bhi Sai Apni Shirdi Mein Bulaaye, Wo Saiji Ke Darshan Paaye” and the same thing i went through. Now i proceed to narrate the fuller account of situations that i came across. It was in the year 2006 when i had been to India. As per my practice i go to Shirdi whenever i come to India. After spending two days with my family, i decided to first go to Shirdi to seek Babaji’s permission to proceed for making my first Sai Babaji bhajan album. I started for Shirdi from Ambala Cantt., by train and reached Manmad (Maharashtra State). I boarded in bus for Shirdi from Manmad. The bus stopped at Kopergaon bus stand. I saw an old man enquiring whether the bus went to Shirdi or not from window. Getting my answer in affirmative he started to board the bus. Since he was old, weak and ailing, i went forward to help him to get inside. I was seated on seat just behind driver’s seat with two other unknown travellers. A wave of pity filled my heart for that old man. I forwarded my helping hand to make it easier for him to board the bus and offered him my seat.

The other two travellers who were sitting with me raised objection to this. They showed their unwillingness to allow a poor, weak, ailing and old person to sit beside them. They started arguing when i requested them to make that old person sit in my place. The bus was crowded to its full capacity and i had to make room for other travellers to board the bus. Meanwhile when the conductor stepped in and saw the scene, he at once caught hold of old person’s hand very badly and pulled him out of the bus. I shouted at bus conductor and told him that Babaji wants him to go to Shirdi. But no attention was paid on my words. I was helpless from all sides. Few thoughts were going in my mind that i must also get down and hire a taxi and take that old man with me. But before i could decide anything, in few minutes bus started and i saw that the old man was searching me from outside through the window. All the way i was thinking about that old man and was feeling dejected that i did not get chance to help him though i tried my level best.

I reached Shirdi and had good darshan. Due to this i completely forgot about that old man and whatever happened enroute to Shirdi from Manmad. Next day early morning at about 3:00 AM i was going to Samadhi Mandir from Lendi baug side to attend Kakad (morning) Arti. Shops were closed and no one was seen around. I saw an old person coming from Dwarkamai side towards me. He was walking very slowly. I was filled with excitement for attending arti. When reached near Dwarkamai and saw the same old person whom i met at Kopergaon bus stand. I was surprised at this sight. I was thanking Babaji mentally that at last He helped that old man to reach Shirdi. Last day’s situations flashed before my eyes. He had a stick in his hand and could hardly walk. He came near me and forwarded his hand towards me. Since my mind was full of questions, surprise, pity, happiness and all sorts of mixed feelings, i first of all said, “Sorry Babaji i could not help you yesterday”. Then my question was, “How did you reach Shirdi? Who helped you?” I did not get answer to my questions and the old man was just looking at me. I noticed his forwarded hand and so i put my hand in my shirt’s upper pocket and took out some money. I felt as if this was not enough so i opened my wallet and added to some more amount and gave it to him. He quickly transferred the amount in his left hand and raised his right hand to give blessings. It was same posture in which we generally see our Sai Babaji giving blessings. I had glimpse of his face for few seconds and then we crossed each other and took our ways. I met him at the place where Dwarkamai starts while coming from Lendibaug. As soon as i crossed Dwarkamai and was about to take turn, i felt that the old man must be Babaji. I turned back and found no one!!! I ran in opposite direction to find him but he in vain. Even i tried to find him in two three adjacent lanes but it did not produce any result. There were very few people present at that spot, still i was unable to trace that old man. Not losing hope to meet Sai Babaji again i tried to find Him for next 10-15 minutes, but He could not be found. Now i was confirmed to me that old man was my Sai Babaji Who came to meet me and i realised this with His grace only.

After that i went into Samadhi mandir. Babaji’s face had a glow and smile which was never seen before. I felt as if Babaji was smiling to me and saying, “It was I Who came to meet you, but again you did not recognise Me”. This was making me more relaxed and my soul was appeased with happenings before few minutes. I was in Shirdi for that whole day. I saw many old faces, but could not find that face which had long lasting effect on my heart and soul. I returned home next day happily and contented with Babaji’s darshan in disguise.

Thus i concluded that the old person was Sai Babaji Himself who took form and met me. If it was otherwise, then it wasn’t possible to meet the same man in Shirdi whom i met at Kopergaon bus stand. Thinking over it again one more thing i realised that the old person was finding difficult to walk normally then how could he disappear within a span of few minutes from the lane if he was not Sai Babaji. I assumed it as green signal for starting work of my Sai Babaji’s first cd. “Jisko Bhi Sai Apni Shirdi Mein Bulaye, Wo Saiji Ke Darshan Paaye” has been proved by Sai Babaji in this case. Jai Sai Ramji…Sai Lover — Rana Gill


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