Shirdi Sai Baba at Delta Port, Vancouver (Canada)…?!!!

After long time, i am scribbling some thing on my blog. The only reason for not being able to post anything is that i was not finding time to do so. I was busy in few performances last whole month. More than that i was happy and satisfied with the fact that i was doing something for Sai devotees. But then i realised that writting this blog is also doing something for Sai devotees.

I remembered one incident which i felt proper to share with you all. Sometime ago, this incident had happened. I started for work in early morning at 5. When i reached my work place, i came to know from dispatch paper that i had to carry load of two 20 Feet containers to Delta port with my truck.

I had to drive to Delta port which was one hour journey from my work place. I was in joyful mood and thus sang bhajans on the way. It is my practice to sing bhajans while i am at work. Those moments are really very precious to me as i literally feel that Shirdi Sai Babaji is with me and He is listening me.

The sight of Delta port is really very enchanting. There is a long runway and rail track in between water on two sides. To reach the port one has to drive and pass this runway of about 4 kms. This picture of Delta port speak up more than i can describe myself. I reached the runway and was remembering Babaji by singing bhajans. I was alone on the road. I could see no one ahead of me and no one behind me when seen from rear view mirror. The view of sky, ocean and Delta port was very much clear to me.

Suddenly i had goose bumps all over my body. I saw Babaji in gigantic size surrounded all over ocean and sky. Delta port seemed to be inside Babaji’s toe of left leg. The image of Babaji was exactly like we see Him sitting on the stone. All the vehicles such as cars, buses, trains, trucks, etc were merging into Babaji’s Toe.

To make my vision more clear to you all, i requested Sai brother Nimesh to make a picture clarifying this incident. My heartfelt thanks to him.

I wished that i should also go there. I was travelling at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Suddenly i felt that truck was disbalancing. I regained senses. I was sweating heavily. But somehow i mananged and stopped the truck. If there was small mishappening i would have fell directly into ocean. When again i tried to see Babaji i could not. Still there was strange type of happy and content feeling that Babaji gave me darshan the whole day. I reached port and unloaded containers, returned to my work place and then home, but that sight and feelings were around me!!! Once again Sai Babaji proved that He comes to us whenever we remember Him with full love and devotion. I pray to Him that this love and devotion for Him be always in my heart and be evergreen like a living love story. In Sai Satcharitra we have read that Babaji comes to His devotees even across seven seas. Whenever we remember Him He comes to us. He is not only in Shirdi but also with those devotees who are far away thousands and thousands miles. Jai Sai Ramji…Sai Lover — Rana Gill


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