Today is a special day. Last year on this day, SAI TERE HAZAARON NAAM blog became live on internet!!! Through this blog, it has been possible to make bhajans of this album available all over. Moreover i got a chance to touch readers heart by sharing my feelings and experiences. Though totally unknown and unfamiliar, i developed a love bonding with readers of this blog. I am very thankful to readers who did full justice with bhajans sung by me and this blog. You all have loved this blog as other Sai Babaji blogs on the net. It is Sai Babaji’s grace that readers have been faithful to this small flower of the garland of treasure, we find on internet regarding Sai Babaji.

Although much irregular with updates, blog was visited everyday and attracted many music and Sai lovers. It was always an honour for me to receive calls and emails praising this blog, bhajans and my voice. My heartfelt thanks to all. Thanks is very small word, but at this point of time my heart is saying “Thanks” only. I believe that thanks word not only contain a gratitude towards a person for his good deed for us, but it contains many colours of love. Lakhs and lakhs of loveable emotions are contained in it as dust particles are present in air, though present yet invisible to our eyes. But when a ray of light falls on them, they are visible. In the same way when Sai Babaji’s grace act like a ray of light, those love particles are visible in small thanks too. Its my and my sister Hetal’s prayer to Sai Babaji to make us work together in the same way as He has helped us during last year. “Babaji, always guide us, be with us, be present in every post we write and make this untied bond (which is tied by You only) with readers more strong”.

While the blog celebrate its first birthday, the whole world is also celebrating a very very special festival i.e. Rakshabandhan. Of course, this blog is very example of bondage of love between brother and sister – myself and Hetal. SAI TERE HAZAARON NAAM album of bhajans also signifies this to some extent. We had already given you list of contributors of this album. The names contained therein were of those devotees/contributors who were directly involved in it. At times we forget those names who have prayed to Sai Babaji for mercy for other person. Sometimes we find happiness in other’s happiness. We feel successful by seeing other’s success. More than our hearts, our souls gets appeased.

Few of my views regarding souls. I feel that we have divided ‘ourselves’ in four parts viz. body, mind, heart and soul. The first three parts are visible and transitory whereas soul is undying and invisible. It only transforms bodies, but remains forever. Due to such transformation loving souls gets separated. They have strong urge to again meet their separated loved souls. At some point of time they meet making their bodies a medium. Souls are supreme of all – body, mind and heart. They can act as per their wish and make other three act too. But they are so liberal that they never become dominating character. Voice of souls are low and thus we are more often concentrated on the other three!!! My belief is that our souls are separated parts of our Sai Babaji. So when alike souls i.e. souls loving Sai Babaji intensely meet in this worldly platform with Sai Babaji’s will, they rejoice and enjoy each other’s company. Even mind and heart co-operate and enjoy each and every moment which are cherished as special ones. Though bodies and names of bodies are the medium, souls get together. Such separated souls, resting in bodies, when meet each other, they generate a very deep heart piercing love in heart of bodies and they are tied in “Relations”. No name is required to be given to such relations, but there is a need too since we live in this society. There is no consideration of age, sex, caste, creed, religion, distance, status and anything. These relations are blessed by Sai Babaji, far above blood relations, worldly relations and they are forever. They all love each other selflessly and wish each other’s happiness. Its indeed Sai Babaji’s grace when we come across such separated selfless souls.

In my case i would like to say that such mercy of Sai Babaji is immense on me 🙂 On this occasion of Rakshabandhan, i would like to steal few minutes of your busy life to share some happiness of my heart by describing how i met many of my Sai sisters and how i was supported by them. As i was saying with Sai Babaji’s grace only we can meet some selfless souls, the souls whom i was referring are my Sai sisters. Since i met these souls with grace and blessings of Sai Babaji only, i have named them ‘Sai Sisters’.

Happy Rakshabandhan to all Brother – Sisters


May Sai Babaji shower His blessings on all of us

Sai sister Shiwani :

My Sai sister Shiwani is the one who introduced Sai Babaji to me. It was sometime in April 1996, i accompanied my cousin to her friend’s place in Ambala (Haryana – India). On reaching i was invited by my cousin’s friend Shiwani to go and bow my head in front of Sai Babaji. They had a small temple in their house where they worshiped Sai Babaji. Though not every curious to take action, i went inside and i just bowed down as mere formality. Unknown feeling traced me, but my intellect and myself were running away from it. Every possibility to hide emotions and inner voice proved unfruitful. It seemed – nothing can save me from this. I quickly thought to leave the place when again i was invited on Thursday for mass gathering and arti. That day was Tuesday. On Thursday without any prior plan to go to that place again, i was present and felt as if Sai Babaji was behind me, calling me and saying that He was there to love me. I at once feel in love with this unknown power. Since then every Thursday i would be there whatever may come. Days passed by and Sai Babaji’s love was felt every moment. Also Sai Babaji showed His love towards me through my Sai sister Shiwani. She tied Rakhi on Rakshabandhan that year with due rituals and showed her love towards me in this way. I was too much moved to see all this. All i can say is that it is due to Shiwani that i meet my Sai Babaji and she is my first Sai Sister. After i met my Sai sister Shiwani i came across many such Shiwani-s and below are few incidents assuring the same.

Sai sister Shammi ji :

On September 17, 1999, i left India and came to Canada. Being in new country, it gave me much pain when I felt that no one was there in Canada who took Sai Babaji’s name. I could find no one with whom I could talk about Sai Babaji. Those were days when I missed early days of my devotion and time spent with Sai Sister Shiwani. After i recorded my first album – SAI TERE HAZAARON NAAM in 2006 in India and returned back to Canada in early 2007, Sai Babaji had blessings in-store for me.

I noticed an advertisement of Shirdi Sai Babaji temple in Toronto on one of channels (ATN) on television. For one long month i watched it and noticed contact details. One day i noted down cell number and connected call. On the other end, i heard a lady speaking and she was none other than Sai Sister Shammi ji. It was very pleasant talk. Although strangers for each other, i was responded very well. I was too much happy that i met at least one devotee of Sai Babaji. I was talking most excitedly without any pause. When i said that there is no Sai Babaji temple in my city Vancouver, she gave me address and contact number of one such temple in other city Surrey. This marked another blessing for me as i met another Sai sister. But this short talk with Sai sister Shammi ji promised a long lasting relationship. She also visited to my house along with her friend Sai sister Deepa ji and i was much pleased to see her there.

Sai sister Ritu ji :

As i hinted in Sai sister Shammi ji’s case that her meeting marked one more blessing for me. She gave me number of another Sai sister Ritu didi who had Sai temple in Surrey. It was Tuesday and the moment i ended call of Sai sister Shammi ji, i connected call to Sai sister Ritu didi. She lovingly gave me address and invited me whenever i wished to go. Sai sister Ritu didi and her husband has installed a life size idol of Sai Baba ji at their home and every Thursday they perform group arti and worship to Sai Baba ji. It was 3 in afternoon when i called Sai sister Ritu didi for address. Since i had to go for my work in evening, i again called her at 4:30 pm to ask her whether i can go at that time. On receiving positive answer, i rushed there.

My joy was on highest level when i saw my Sai Babaji in Canada!!! Since then it has become my routine to go there on Thursdays. But it is not restricted only to Thursdays. I go whenever i wish and this was order of my loving Sai sister Ritu didi. I am reminded of one incident now. My work timings are at night, so sometimes i had to miss Thursday darshan and arti of Sai Babaji since i had leave for work in evening. I told Sai sister Ritu didi that i will be coming at any time. I got late and it was midnight, so i did not disturb Sai sister Ritu didi, bowed to Sai Babaji from outside and went to my home. I was scolded by Sai sister Ritu didi at such act of mine. She said that her doors are open for me at any time of day or night. Then onwards she used to keep prasad for me if i missed evening arti on Thursdays and i used to go after retiring from my work not thinking about timings whether it was 12 am or 1 am. Sai sister Ritu didi always welcomed me with a smile on her face. Many a times she scolds me for my wrong deeds, but loves me too as her younger brother. Her brother lives in India and thus it was her earnest wish to tie me rakhi which was also a wish of mine in my deep heart. As i observed, she is very true devotee of Sai Babaji, always engrossed in His devotion and i get many messages of my Sai Babaji through her.

Sai sister Rita Patel ji :

My introduction to Sai sister Ritu didi was my introduction to the world in disguise. Although i recorded bhajans of SAI TERE HAZAARON NAAM, big banner companies refused to market it. So i had planned to make just few copies and give it as a gift to my near and dear ones. I compromised with my wishes and gave up idea of making at least 500 copies. But this was not acceptable to Sai Babaji. Indeed, He showed me miracles and i was dumb founded to see things taking shape. Future events were beyond my limitations and thinking.

I was introduced to Sai brother Vipul ji. He had seen me singing and asked for a copy of my first album. I made a copy from master cd and gave it to him. After few days i received a small parcel and it contained about 25 cds of SAI TERE HAZAARON NAAM packed in beautiful cd cover!!! I was taken aback. Copies of the album were in my hand while master copy was lying in shrine of my home with its Original Master (Sai Babaji) !!! It was biggest gift to me by my Sai Babaji. Now dear readers how the cd took its form and came at my door step must be question in your mind. Well, it goes like this.

Sai brother Vipul ji asked copy of SAI TERE HAZAARON NAAM. He sent it to his sister Rita Patel ji residing in London. She listened bhajans and liked them a lot. When she came to know that still the cd has not been released through any company, she collected donations from few able devotees and forwarded all money to one of her contacts in Anand District (Soor Mandir – Recording company) – Gujarat for making cds. Soon after receiving few cds, i again received one parcel, but this time it was a big one. It had come directly from Soor Mandir containing about 500 cds of SAI TERE HAZAARON NAAM ready for distribution and in that there was reference of Sai sister Rita Patelji.

After receiving first small lot of cds, i called up Sai sister Rita Patelji for passing on my hearty thanks to her. I got chance to know her as very good hearted person and great devotee of Sai Babaji and Durga Mataji. When i thanked her with all my heart, she did not accept any word of praise from me. She said that she was ordered by Sai Babaji and so she did it. It will be surprising to you to know that i have not met or seen Sai sister Rita ji. Thus through Sai sister Rita ji’s initiative, i gathered courage to take further actions. After that more 15000 copies of cds were made. But more than that i am very much thankful to her for having confidence in me and loving me as her younger brother.

Sai sister Deepa H ji :

Now as the album was recorded and copies were made, how it will be promoted and made available to Sai devotees was an unanswered question for me. It was some time in early 2008 that i landed on Deepa H’s blog dedicated to Shirdi Sai Babaji. I mailed her stating details about the cd and video of title bhajan. I got affirmative answer in her quick and instant reply. With Sai Babaji’s grace and will, i sent her a copy of the video to be uploaded on her blog. It was done and my happiness knew no bounds when I saw it. I thanked Sai Babaji many times. It was a wonder for me to believe that the video reached thousands and thousands of devotees without any limitations of boundaries of any country, while few days ago it was a mystery for me as to how it would be possible to set the video atleast out of my own house!!!

Sai sister Deepa ji also showed her willingness to work out with mp3 of all bhajans but it was refused as some other happenings and blessings were reserved for near future. That year during Rakshabandhan festival, Sai sister Deepa ji came to Vancouver and tied Rakhi making me her permanent brother. She always says, “We are only three sisters and i see my brother in you. Always brotherly love comes out in my heart for you”. It is her nature to say, “Rana you have to do this or Rana i have told you, now you dont do” in orderly way, but i always find her love in these orders too. My hearty thanks to Sai sister Deepa ji for extending her sisterly love towards me and for giving me first chance to come in front of this world of Sai devotees 🙂

Sai sister Hetal :

After posting video on Sai sister Deepa ji’s blog, i wished that it should reach more devotees through any medium of internet. One day in June 2008, i received mail from Sai sister Hetal. It was not specifically mailed to me but to one of Sai Babaji yahoo group. I opened it and found link of her blog. Till then i was thinking that there was only one such blog of Sai Babaji maintained by Sai sister Deepa ji. But now i found another one too 🙂 I visited her blog and thought to mail her to post the video. With some hindrances, she succeeded to post the video. Meanwhile i had talk with her on phone. She asked me about my experiences with Sai Babaji which she could post on her blog. I shared and she posted it. I sent her few CDs of album to her. She liked all bhajans and so she proposed to share mp3 links with her readers too. At first reluctant, i gave her permission. Hard efforts were put by her for SAI TERE HAZAARON NAAM album to be released on her blog by noting down lyrics, creating album art and all such technical things were taken care by her.

All this made me happy. But somewhere in my mind i had a wish to have a blog of my own someday and write and share whatever i wish. This thought, as if read by Sai sister Hetal, was put into action one day admist my surprise. We both were in constant touch and one day she asked whether she could make a blog totally dedicated to SAI TERE HAZAARON NAAM album. There was no question of saying ‘No’ and this is how this blog was created. More than this, blog progressed very well beyond our expectations. We got much love from the readers and the blog was readily accepted. Simultaneously other things happened which created a strong bond of love between us. She sent rakhi for me which was tied by Sai sister Ritu didi on her behalf in front of Sai Babaji.

The blog did wonders as after its creation my voice could reach many unknown places. Then after about 3000 more Cd’s of SAI TERE HAZAARON NAAM were made and charge for distributing it in India was taken by Sai sister Hetal. With her seva for Free distribution of Shri Sai Satcharitra she had sent hard copy of bhajans to many devotees world wide.

Talking about her devotion and dedication to Sai Babaji, all i can say is that she has great blessings of Sai Babaji. Her parents are very devoted and so is she. Her way of doing blog work is ‘Perfect’, all possible care is taken by her for perfectness. Until she is satisfied, she goes on working. I am amazed to see how she manages everything viz study and blog work at a time. It has never happened that she has neglected my blog’s work admist her own blogs. In fact, she has always given priority to me. I am very blessed that Sai Babaji chose her from crores of devotees in this world. In turn He sent ‘Perfect Person’ for me. Of all my Sai sisters, she is the youngest, still Sai Babaji is making her work the most. We are not that fortunate to meet each other, but i am sure that it will be an unforgettable moment for both of us when we will meet. My relation with Sai sister Hetal is an unbelievable leela of my Sai Babaji which i could not even think of. Only my heart sings this for her, “Sai Teri Leela Kabhi Samaj Na Pau Main, Tere Charno Mein Sada Shish Jukau Main..” With joint efforts of Sai sister Hetal and some Sai brothers we will be coming up with surprise on this blog soon and i request you all to visit our blog regularly.

Sai sister Manjit ji :

Soon after some time i met Sai sister Ritu didi, we were in search for some large space so as to accommodate more devotees for kirtan. We reached to Durga Mata ji temple in Surrey. Also there was big portrait of Sai Babaji there. We met temple authorities and i came in contact with Sai sister Manjit ji as the temple was owned by her husband. We wished to celebrate Gurupoornima there. Our proposal was accepted and many Sai Babaji devotees had gathered to celebrate Gurupoornima in 2007. Since then we celebrated Gurupoornima in Durga Mataji temple for three consecutive years.

It was not regular with her, to come to Sai sister Ritu didi’s place. Then after some time she started coming regularly and we used to meet frequently.

Fully submerged in devotion for Sai Babaji, she started looking towards me as her younger brother. One day she called me and said that she wanted something from me. As per my nature, i did not object and she put forward her wish to tie me rakhi on Rakshabandhan that year. Getting such lovely surprise my heart was moved. I am always loved and taken care as younger brother by Sai sister Manjit ji. Now she calls me everyday. She is has good relations with my wife and love my kids too. She is always there to take care of me. She is very loving and caring person. Sai Babaji made me meet such a nice person and i am grateful to Him.

Sai sister Saieshwari ji :

Now it has been my routine to go to Sai sister Ritu didi’s temple. I met Sai sister Saieshwari ji who had recently shifted to Surrey from Toronto. Sai Sister Shammi ji was in contact with her in Toronto. So i was familiar with her. Then after they came here, I sing bhajans, she plays harmonium beautifully and her son plays Tabla. This makes a very good atmosphere for Sai Babaji’s kirtan. Her little kid Dattu who is only of 2.5 years. No one can ever imagine how can such a little kid play tabla so rhythmically. If any one wishes to see him can follow the link for youtube video. They live next door to Sai sister Ritu didi. On Rakshabandhan day, she also came up surprisingly to tie me Rakhi which moved me.

Sai sister Pammi :

My relation to Sai sister Pammi is different from other Sai sisters. The only difference which makes it different is that other Sai sisters met me after my acquittance with Sai Babaji and i know Sai sister Pammi since my college days. Having no real sister, she used to tie to me and my elder brother every year since we met, apart from my cousins. But when i met her after long time, her life had totally changed as she went in Sai Babaji’s refuge. I was very happy to see the change. Her husband and kids are also very devoted to Sai Babaji. Though very educated and having high profile job in Chandigarh, she wishes to leave everything and settle in Shirdi. Even more she wishes to have a home of her at Sai Babaji’s home and they can live there by earning whatever they can. My wish – Sai Babaji grants her wish too. 500 cds of SAI TERE HAZAARON NAAM from latest lot of 3000 cds were sent by Sai sister Hetal to her for distribution which marked her contribution too.

Such is my journey and i wished earnestly that i could get a chance to share this with you all. Except Sai sister Hetal, this post will reach as a surprise to all my Sai sisters and my wish is to see a smile on their faces!!! This post is dedicated to all my Sai sisters and cousins who used to tie rakhi in childhood.I wish that Sai Babaji give them all happiness they deserve and may He be always with them. All my Sai sisters have helped me to go closer to Sai Babaji and many times i get His message from them. I pray to Sai Babaji to give such precious relations to everyone so that life stands to be easy admist all worldly problems.

My message – It is a matter out of our logical thinking that how such relations take birth. But i feel it is not impossible. Only we need to have loving eye to see near ourselves and melting heart to feel such emotions. They are the relations for lifetime where there is no trace of one’s ego and selfishness. Thus one must not feel lonely. Such treasures can be found by everyone even if he/she is Sai Babaji’s devotee or not.

Last but not the least many thanks to Sai Babaji, Sai brother Nimesh to make pictures for this occasion and Sai sister Hetal reminded me of both occasions and inspired me to write something. Jai Sai Ramji…Sai Lover — Rana Gill


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