A Brief Note – Sai Bhajans In Shirdi On February 15, 2011

Dear Devotee Readers, with lots of excitement, i had shared the news of Sai Bhajans in Shirdi in my last post. Now with more increased excitement and hapiness i would take sometime to narrate beautiful experiences of singing bhajans in Shirdi – my Sai Babaji’s Holy Darbar with few photographs.

Before leaving Canada, the date which would be a historical event of my life, was fixed and i was eagerly waiting for it. Time passed by and finally the day came when i left for Shirdi. I was going to Shirdi after almost six years and i was longing to see my Sai Babaji from every pore of my heart. I felt as if my eyes were dried up and would be quenching its thirst when Sai Babaji was in front of them.

We reached Shirdi at midnight on February 14, 2011. The preliminary darshan was taken at Dwarkamai which was surrounded with peace and joy at this juncture of time. We reached a day before the program and so it was the day for us to make arrangements first. The written documents from Shri SaiBaba Sansthan Trust with its official seal were ready with us. Still we needed to inquire about the sound system and musicians and thus we reached the concerned official’s office. There we got splendid response and all the required help from him. As per the rule of Sansthan now a days they do not provide any sound system to anyone, but they promised me to provide whatever i needed. I am very much thankful to them for all their co-operation.

We were facing few difficulties in getting musicians, but it was also received by Sai Babaji’s grace within few minutes. Thus while we were in dilemma whether we would get any help from Sansthan or not, Sai Babaji provided us with all things which He thought were necessary for us. Up till the time when everything was decided for the program, we were not allowed to step in Samadhi Mandir. As soon as it was settled Sai Babaji called us in Samadhi Mandir to give us darshan and was saying as if, “See I have made all arrangements. So now, you have good darshan and sing at your heart’s content tomorrow, I will be waiting for you.”

Next day the program was scheduled from 9:00 PM IST to 10:00 PM. Till that time there did not seem anything working fine. Sound system by Sansthan was not arranged. I decided to sing without any sound because my aim was to make my Sai Babaji listen. But then within few minutes, Sai Babaji got all things arranged and i started. I really enjoyed to sing in front of Him. As night arti time was nearing, security guards were vacating other devotees for cleaning temple, Sai Babaji was listening me with due attention siting alone at His Abode!!! I was standing directly in front of Sai Babaji and my eyes were quenched with tears of joy. I wished this heavenly sight permanently remains in my eyes and this actually happened!!! See the picture below to testify the truth…

At last i would like to convey my hearty thanks to all musicians who played their respective instruments so beautifully that it boost my morale to sing very comfortably. I did not felt that they were new to me, photographer who captured below pictures, Shri SaiBaba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi for co-operation it provided us, the devotee who had done all preliminary formalities with Sansthan, without him this event would not have been that easy and lastly my thanks to my lovely and compassionate Sai Babaji to make true my wish to sing before Him at His Own Home. Jai Sai Ramji…Sai Lover — Rana Gill

Few Photographs With Musicians And Shri SaiBaba Sansthan Officials Captured On My Cell Phone


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