A Glimpse On Ahmedabad & Chandigarh Bhajan Sandhyas

Dear Devotee Readers, these days I am in India and enjoying every single moment which I presume that my Shirdi Sai Babaji has planned for me. When I started for India, I had no planning of my own in particular. Only a thought was planned that I would be recording one Mataji Bhajan album and one of Sai Babaji. Except this, other things were and are being accepted as Sai Babaji’s wish and will.

Last week I had been to Gujarat and had a wonderful time with all my Sai Family members there. Without my idea, bhajan sandhya in Ahmedabad was arranged on February 18, 2011. Ahmedabad city, economic capital of Gujarat state was a place unfamiliar to me. Moreover, musicians were new to me. I was a bit curious as to how everything was to be worked out. When I was taken to the venue, I saw a big picture of Sai Babaji on the stage. This gathered most of my courage and I was confident now that Babaji has taken care and would be making program successful. In the first bhajan itself I realized that musicians were ultimately professional & they were fit to be rated as A grade. The fact that they were new to me & vice versa, did not produce any effect. I was enjoying singing Sai Babaji’s glory & they were enjoying & playing on their instruments. Other arrangements were also very fantastic & did not make me feel that I was there for the first time. Sai Babaji had chosen his excellent pet devotees for me this is – what I conclude today. I am very much thankful to all the devotees for giving me a chance to sing Sai Babaji’s glory which I always long for & making arrangements for the same without any selfish motive. They were focused on a single point that through them I should get a good platform for my up-coming album. My ultimate thanks & salute to loving Sai Babaji whose sweet will made others do so many things for a stranger & a pardesi like me. I just want to be his humble devotee (servant) but he is giving me special position & respect wherever I go. Below are some pictures of the event which I would like to share with you all & also my Sai family members of Canada who were missing that event.

While I was in Gujarat and the day to return to Punjab neared, two of my friends arranged bhajan sandhya in Chandigarh on February 24, 2011 in the same temple where video of title track of my first album Sai Tere Hazaaron Naam was shot. I was totally unaware what was in store for me there. Being Thursday a large crowed had gathered inside and outside of temple. It seemed that everyone was enjoying alongwith Sai Babaji. Proprietor of Cosmo Royal Music Entertainment Co. Mr. Charan Thakur was also present on this occasion. The overwhelming response raised his confidence in me to many folds. Although he has been very co-operative and supportive from the time when first album was recorded this live bhajan sandhya left a positive mark on his company’s goodwill. I also pray to Sai Babaji to make him reach such height which he has dreamt of some day. May Sai Babaji bless him for all his selfless deeds.

While i am writing this post, Thakur ji is with me and he has asked me to convey his one message to you all that “He will also be releasing a Video DVD of Live Bhajan Sandhya in Chandigarh through his company”. Also one more bhajan sandhya is being planned in Panchkula (Chandigarh) next week on a grand scale by this noble soul.


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