Tera Deewana – Sai Ne Kaha Hai Sabka Malik Ek Hai – Free Download

Yesterday i shared first track ie Teri Daya Se from my recently released Album – Sai Ne Kaha Hai Sabka Malik Ek Hai. Every bhajan holds a special place in my heart. Some circumstances take place with my Sai Baba ji and led me to write bhajans. Thus bhajans are not only words, but they are my feelings, relation i share with Him. Always i wish Him to be with me, i pray Him, worship Him and request Him to give some space in His Holy Feet. When such emotions combine they then become bhajans. This bhajan was also composed in same mood. Sharing its download link to experience it. Tomorrrow is will be sharing third track ie title track and story behind it.

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