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As title of the bhajan says, in this bhajan i have expressed my desire to go to Shirdi and request my Sai Babaji to call me to His Darbar. I live in Canada, so Shirdi is always seven seas across for me.

There is a temple of my Babaji here in my city. Many devotees flock here on Thursdays and other occasions. All these devotees visit Shirdi every year. Once, one of my friend was to visit India and he had plans to go to Shirdi too. He asked me to accompany him. I tried but could not go by any means. I was disheartened and my heart was only longing for Shirdi Darshan. My feelings were overflowing and this bhajan was composed thereafter. I sing this bhajan in almost all Bhajan Sandhyas because a devotee of Sai Babaji always long for Shirdi. After this bhajan was ready my requested was accepted and i was called to Shirdi. Now i am visiting Shirdi almost every year 🙂

Tomorrow’s Bhajan – Teri Jai Jai Kaar

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