Mujh Par Sai Kripa – Sai Ne Kaha Hai Sabka Malik Ek Hai – Free Download

Mujh Par Sai Kripa Ye Kar Do Door Na Tujh Se Jaa Paau, Gham Dena Ya Dena Khushi Har Haal Mein Main Mahima Gaaon, this bhajan is my request to my Sai Babaji to keep His grace on me always. Whatever be situation, i want Him to be my side and allow me to sing His glory. Due to past karmas, of which each creature of this earth is unaware, we do certain good and bad deeds. These are then reflected to us in this or upcoming births. When calamities, worries, sickness, grief engulf us we go to Lord’s refuge. With true and pure heart we call to Him and He is just a step away from us. We are then graced and happiness and sorrow find no place in our lives. When such a situation comes in a devotee’s life, he is then only reminded of Satguru and want to sing His glory all the time. This message is have tried to convey in this bhajan.

Tomorrow i am going to share Sabhi Parde Tum bhajan.

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