Sabhi Parde Tum – Sai Ne Kaha Hai Sabka Malik Ek Hai by Rana Gill – Download Link

Once, inspired by my fellow Sai devotees, i started to read Shri Sai Satcharitra. Oh! way a joy it gave me. I found it very interesting and stories were so descriptive and fascinating. The message contained therein were of utmost importance and made me thrilled as proceeded. As i started to reading Chapter 16 regarding a devotee aspiring for Brahm Gyaan, i was stuck up. I was wondering about Brahm Gyaan and how my Sai Babaji dealt with situations. I found great message lying for me in it. It was When at work my mind were full of thoughts of Brahm Gyaan. I realised with grace and willingness of my Sai Babaji i would not be able to receive it. I was over powered with feelings and emotions, how unique are ways of my Babaji to wake up sleeping souls. At this point this bhajan got composed and in this bhajan i have requested Him to dawn upon me this grace of Brahm Gyaan by warding off all differences and darkness.

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